Visual Identity

Visual Identity


Imagine you have 2-3 seconds to grab people’s attention. How do you do it? The power of your visual communications sends strong signals to initiate the connection. Let’s look at a few critical instances:

Colours & Style Guide

It all starts with the right colour palette based on your brand guidelines. The harmony of colours, uniqueness and differentiation from your competitors play an important part in your visual identity. The creation and treatment of your style guide are even more critical in standing out. Our innovation, creativity and depth of experience allow us to set you apart.

Graphics & Illustrations

The use of simplistic graphics and illustrations is highly recommended to deliver your messaging with impact. No matter your business type and size, the use of illustrations and graphics give a more pleasing experience at your marketing and branding tools. We create bespoke creative communications for our clients to maximize impact and conversion.


We always recommend customized photographs for our clients because they communicate your brand’s true values. A real photo of the product, service or application will significantly impact an ideal customer’s decision to buy. Our photo studio is versatile and equipped to deliver compelling photos with fast turnarounds. Our projects range from single shots to environmental photos and large-volume product catalogues with 3000 – 4000 products.

Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Supporting royalty-free stock photos is an excellent way to help build a visual identity. Sometimes, the budget does not allow us to arrange a photoshoot. Therefore, the right selection of the royalty-free stock photos can be handy. We help our clients carefully choose the right shots to go with their style guide and deliver an exceptional brand experience.

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