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We understand that the brand is an asset that reflects a company’s character, its people, and the customer’s confidence in its products and services. Launching a new or redefined brand requires a great deal of groundwork to convey new brand communications to the intended target markets. It takes a concerted effort to “build a brand,” one that will widen and deepen the level of customer understanding, clarify brand image, differentiate product/service performance, enhance customer experience, and develop long-term customer relationships.

Alive ProStudios is well-positioned to help your company develop a complete and integrated marketing system, one that will allow your company to grow in a sustainable and predictable manner. Our “blueprint” for this system incorporates and integrates five important elements. The blueprint will help your company achieve your sales and profit objectives while providing the necessary marketing infrastructure to help you adapt to a rapidly evolving marketplace.

While all these elements are important, developing the right Marketing Strategy is critical to the success of a business.

1) Discovery Process | Research and Analysis

The key to developing a successful marketing strategy is to know where you stand with regards to your customers, your products, your services, your company and ultimately, your brand. Many clients are unaware of the potential of their businesses, or their brands because of all the underlying strengths, weaknesses, market perceptions and other factors that have never been properly identified, qualified, or quantified. Why do customers continue to purchase your products or services? Is there an unmet need that your product or service can satisfy with some minor teaks? Are your existing communications conveying all the benefits of the product? These are just a few of the insights that can be uncovered in the Discovery Process. The research and analysis of the discovery process is critical to the development of an effective Marketing and Branding Strategy.

2) Marketing and Branding Strategy

Our Discovery process yields critical information needed to develop an effective Marketing and Branding Strategy. Analyzing target markets, suppliers, competitors, product mix, company strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and brand strengths will provide the foundation for an effective strategy and “minimize risk.”

A successful strategy must have two exceptionally strong and clear components – “brand value” and “marketing communications.” Brand value (customer loyalty) consists of brand equity (relative brand strength), product/service features/benefits, and price. The qualities of the brand are defined, developed and distilled into a compelling value proposition (also known as a UVP [unique value proposition] or USP [unique sales proposition]) that translates into customer loyalty. Marketing communications build on the value proposition with more breadth and depth. The overall objectives are to define “what to say” and “who to say it to…” and persuade prospects to take the necessary actions to move toward, and eventually purchase, your product or service.

3) Marketing Tools and Tactics

Defining the right tools and tactics is critical for marketing success. Marketing and branding tools can include collateral materials, websites, signage, sales scripts, sales guides, promotional videos, infomercials, or trade show displays. What are the fundamental characteristics? They all share the same communications (developed in the Marketing Strategy). This maintains brand consistency, a valuable and necessary component in building brand strength, clarity, and longevity.

Choosing the right marketing tactics is as important as developing the appropriate marketing tools. Implementing a great print ad (a tool), in the wrong magazine (a tactic) is a waste of money. We put equal emphasis on building both great tools and developing well-thought-out tactics to achieve quantifiable results.

4) Tactical Marketing Plan

The Tactical Marketing Plan, in contrast to the Marketing Strategy, focuses on the “how, where, and when” of the company’s communications. Its purpose is to execute the marketing strategy for maximum impact and the greatest return on investment (ROI). A typical tactical marketing plan will include tools implemented with a selection of tactics complete with schedules, budgets, and means of measurement. Common tactics include print media, online media, radio or TV advertising media, direct marketing, email marketing, one-to-one marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), trade shows, and seminars.

5) Design and Innovation

Design and Innovation are the elements that will add impact and longevity to a successful Marketing System. The exceptional design ensures that branding tools “get more attention” and are “better understood” by target audiences. An exceptional design has the power to draw the audience into an ad. The goal is to communicate in a clear, consistent, and attractive manner across all customer touchpoints.

Innovation thinking is the creativity and the ideas needed to overcome marketing challenges. How do you get high response rates when you are limited by budget and time? —You take a big picture view and see what components or assets can be leveraged for maximum results. For example, suppose you have high inventories of a new product, but little cash for a proper launch? What do you do? Convert that inventory into cash by defining, segmenting and targeting existing customers who have purchased complementary products through low-cost email campaigns or direct mail postcards. There are multiple ways to tackle any product, service, marketing, or branding problem. We have knowledge, experience, skills, creativity, and the holistic, critical thinking needed to solve it.

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Javad Ahmadi

Founder | Brand Marketer

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