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Re-Branding Process

Worth the Investment

Energize Your Brand, Products and Services

Many companies and brands can take advantage of our rebranding process and position their brand for maximum results. 

Our goal with our Rebranding Process brand positioning Process and at Alive ProStudios is to help you develop a strong and memorable brand. We assist you in determining your brand message, brand tone and brand presence so it is consistent and effective. A strong brand will reduce confusion and help the target audience to quickly identify, source and repeatedly purchase your services and product offerings.

A brand strategy that is seamlessly incorporated into every communication from your company is essential. We help you create that consistency in your stationery, brochures, websites, annual reports and all other marketing and promotional materials to ensure your company is speaking the same language - regardless of what communication medium your client is exposed to. Professional design, consistency and repetition are the keys to developing a strong, recognizable and trusted brand.

Benefits of Re-branding Process

Rebranding process: 

  • Find your unique brand value: We identify the one thing that separates you from your market and making that your primary identity is one of the most important things any organization can do.
  • Define your core audience: We define your target audience and market. We create your logo, message, website, and other marketing collateral focusing on your target audience.
  • Develop your slogan or tag line: A short three to four word phrase must be crafted based on your audience to explain what you stand for. 
  • Create the voice of your brand: We create and develop the right message and content for your brand, company, products and services. We speak in a voice which appeals to your target audience.
  • Design and develop online presentation: We will design and develop a web experience that is geared towards your audience. The website must be responsive (mobile and tablet friendly), expandable and easy to maintain.
  • Design and print of marketing collateral: Print is not dead. Professional corporate brochures and presentation folders are still valuable. A downloadable PDF version will be available online and a limited print version will be ready for promotional use. 
  • Customization of Social Media: Social media drives today’s businesses. We will create the right strategy for your company to network with influencers, expand your customer base and take advantage of this phenomenon. 
  • Additional tools and tactics: Additional tools such as direct mail campaigns, email marketing, events and online seminars can be part of your rebranding process. 

A rebranding process can be customized to meet your needs and budget. 

Benefits of rebranding process:

  • Rebranding is a normal part of every business’s life cycle. 
  • Our comprehensive rebranding process brings clarity to your audience and target market.
  • With our rebranding process you should expect brand efficiency.
  • Consistency throughout all your branding materials means stronger brand presentation.
  • Our rebranding process will energize your entire team and your communication approach. 
  • Expect incremental business growth with our rebranding process. 
  • Finally, keeping up to date with technology and trends puts your company, brand, products and services ahead of your competition. 

To get started, get in touch with us. We will be glad to guide and assist you. It is easier than you think. 

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