Reputation Management

Reputation Management

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What do you do when you want to learn more about a product, service or brand? You perform a search. The results you see on search engines and social media engines impact your prospect’s decision-making process. Unfortunately, many companies or brands neglect this simple step and end up losing business to their competitors.

Online Footprint 

Whether you are a local business or a large corporation, you need to be aware of what messages are out there about your business, brand, products or service offerings. We help our clients with a deep level audit, which provides insights about 1) getting a clear picture of your online reputation, 2) solving critical issues that must be dealt with or removed from the internet and 3) opportunity identification; looking for holes that the competition has not discovered.  

Search Engines Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is an enormous help when enhancing brand visibility. The reality is that many businesses outsource their SEO to service providers from overseas to save money without knowing the negative consequences. We provide our clients with SEO services, coupled with 23 years of marketing expertise. Understanding local trends, working with real data and deep-dive into analytics, sets us apart from the typical SEO services providers to help our clients manage their reputation online.

Social Media 

We all know that social media platforms are part of our everyday lives. When potential customers search for your products, services or brand, they will find you. Anything inappropriate can be harmful, and it will impact your sales. Therefore, your visibility in social media is also highly critical. We help our clients with the right social media strategy, the best platform to focus on, #hashtag strategy, and account optimization.

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